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About Tyr Training Solutions
Tyr Training Solutions was founded in 2012 by Owner/instructor Tobin Babcock (see instructor bio's). The Goal of the company is to provide Law Enforcement, civilians, and private companies with quality training in the firearms, vehicle operations, and all aspects of Law Enforcement, security, and workplace threat response. This training is available "from the ground up". If you are a beginning shooter who has never touched a firearm, a company that is just beginning the implementation of security and incident response we have the trainers and programs to get you on your way.  We also offer trainers and programs for companies that are looking to provide further training for their experienced staff.  For Law Enforcement agencies we offer training from the patrol level to advanced training for specialized teams.  We have an extensive network of contract instructors to fulfill all of your training needs.

Tobin (Toby) Babcock, President/Instructor       toby@tyr1training.com

Tobin Babcock has been involved in the shooting sports since childhood, starting with hunting and marksmanship training at age 6. As a teen he continued to have a growing interest in competitive shooting. In January 1998 Tobin was hired by the LaPorte County Sheriff's Department. In October of that same year, he received his first instructor certification as a Tactical Shotgun Instructor from Singleton International. Tobin went on to receive accreditation from the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board as a handgun, shotgun, patrol rifle, and emergency vehicle operations instructor.  In 2013 Tobin was certified by the Department of Homeland Security as an instructor in Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings after attending training at the New Mexico Tech Energetic Materials Research Center.  He is also a certified as a law enforcement training provider through the Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Training Standards.

Tobin served as a Deputy Sheriff from 1998 to 2004 and was also a member of the Emergency Response Team (SWAT). Since 2005 he has been employed full-time with the Long Beach Police Department as an officer and as their training coordinator. Tobin has also served part-time for the Trail Creek Police Department since 2002 and currently serves as their training coordinator. He also currently serves as a member of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security District 1 Law Enforcement Strike Team. As part of his law enforcement duties he was assigned to assist the United States Secret Service Vice Presidential Close Protection detail.

Tobin's interest in competitive shooting continues with regularly participating in the Indiana Multi-Gun Series and 3 Gun Nation Regional and Club series, Outlaw 3 Gun Matches, Designated Marksman Matches, and Precision rifle. Tobin is a member of the following professional organizations: the International Association of Law Enforcement Instructors, International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association, Association of Law Enforcement Emergency Response Trainers International, The National Tactical Officers Association, and the Indiana SWAT Officer Association.

Committed to helping our customers achieve their training objectives!
Matthew Blank, Instructor                matt@tyr1training.com
Matt Blank began his law enforcement career in 1994 with the St. Joseph County Police Department in South Bend, Indiana.  Since then, he has served as a Jail Officer, Patrol Officer, Narcotics Investigator, Patrol Supervisor, Public Information Officer and currently serves as the Lieutenant in charge of the department's Training and Special Services Division.  He has also been a member of the St. Joseph County Metro SWAT team since 1999.

​Matt became an Indiana Law Enforcement Academy certified Instructor in 1999.  Soon after, he became an Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVO) Instructor, a Pursuit Intervention Techniques (PIT) Instructor and then an Advanced Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor.  He is certified as a Simunition FX Force-on-Force Scenario and Safety Instructor and is also certified by Taser International as a Taser Instructor.   In addition, Matt is a certified instructor in the following areas:  Less lethal munitions, distraction devices, chemical munitions, pepper spray, and expandable batons.  

Matt is a member of the following professional organizations:  National Tactical Officers Association, International  Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association, Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Trainers, Association of Law Enforcement Emergency Response Trainers, FOP Lodge #155 and the Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.  Additionally, Matt is a certified Sig Sauer amorer, Glock armorer and AR15/M16 armorer.
Mike "Beagle" Beigelbeck, Instructor                       beagle@tyr1training.com
Mike is a 2002 graduate of Purdue University. During his college years mike worked the campus area bars as security. This is when he would begin his intensive training in Mixed Martial Arts. Training in boxing, kick-boxing, and Judo almost daily.  

In 2003 Mike was hired by the South Bend Police Department and graduated the 155th session of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Mike currently holds a purple belt and is a member of the Mixed Martial Arts Team Zero Ego. Currently Mike serves as a part time officer for the Long Beach Police Department and trains 4-5 days a week with Team Zero Ego coached by black belt Wally Holem.  

In addition to his specialty of hand to hand combat Mike is also a certified patrol rifle operator and was head K-9 decoy for 5 of 10 years he served with South Bend. Mike bring over 16 years of martial arts and Law Enforcement experience to the Tyr Team.

Cori began his career in Law Enforcement in 1987 with the Niles Michigan Police Department as a reserve officer. In 1990 he was hired as a police officer at the University of Notre Dame. In 1994 Cori joined the South Bend Police Department where he has served as patrol officer, seven years as a narcotics investigator, K-9 handler, and currently is in his 12th year as Sergeant on the midnight shift. Cori is also on the Bicycle and Motorcycle Patrol Units. Cori is the lead instructor on the midnight shift training officers in building search, surround and call out procedures, tactical foot pursuits, K-9 track for the patrolmen, and officer down drills.

Cori is also involved in safety and security consultation. Cori has spent the last 7 years as safety and security consultant for the radio station 103.9 "The Bear" and has managed security for the Morris Center for Performing Arts for over 12 years.

Cori is a Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board certified instructor. He has specialties as an instructor in Emergency Vehicle Operations, Advanced Emergency Vehicle Operations, Pursuit Intervention Techniques, and Strategies and Tactics of Patrol Stops. Cori is a member of the Association of Law Enforcement Emergency Response Trainers, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #36, and The Indiana Police Mountain Bike Association. Cori brings 27 years of Law Enforcement experience in a multitude of disciplines to the Tyr Team.

Cori Bair, Instructor                                     cori@tyr1training.com
James (Rob) Maynard                         rob@tyr1training.com
Rob Maynard earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Ball State University in 1999 and was hired by the Portage Police Department the same year. During his career he has been a field training officer, a gang investigator, a former member of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security’s District 1 Law Enforcement Strike Team, worked plain clothes special investigations, and has been a member of the SWAT team since 2002.  

Rob is an Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board accredited physical tactics and  firearms instructor with certifications in pistol, shotgun, and patrol carbine. Rob holds armorer certifications through Sig Sauer as well as Colt Defense LLC. Additionally, Rob is an International Defensive Pistol Association certified Range Safety Officer and a National Rifle Association instructor.

Rob is a member of the following professional organizations: Midwest Gang Investigator’s Association, Indiana Drug Enforcement Association, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #145 (Vice-President), and the Indiana SWAT Officers Association (Representative At-Large).

In his spare time Rob is a competitive I.D.P.A. and multi-gun shooter. Rob won the Indiana SWAT Officers Association Junkyard Shootout three years running (2010-2012) and claimed his first national title at the 2013 National Patrol Rifle Competition hosted by Center Mass Inc.  

Rob brings a wide variety of instructional skills and has a gift when it comes to the patrol rifle.  We are glad to have Rob as part of the Tyr Team.

Jeremy Van Gieson, Senior Instructor                            jeremy@tyr1training.com
Jeremy Van Gieson has been with Tyr since it't inception.  He became involved with the shooting sports as a young child of age 5, taking an interest in firearms, marksmanship and safety under the guide of his Grandfather.
Starting out in NRA Smallbore rifle he's been involved in nearly every type of competitive shooting sport he could find, including sporting-type 
shotgun, rifle, and handguns. He has participated in IDPA, USPSA, Multi-gun, Cowboy Action and Steel Challenge matches. He is an IDPA Safety Officer
and Master-classed shooter in their Stock Service Pistol division. He is an NRA Handgun and Personal Protection In The Home instructor.  
He has been a Glock Armorer for 12 years. Jeremy has attended training classes from Tactical Response and Defense Training International.

He was hired on at the Long Beach Police Department as a Reserve Deputy Marshal in 2008, and assists in firearms related training matters at the
department, and is a full time Dispatcher for LaPorte County E911. He is a Life Member of the NRA and an avid supporter of the Second Amendment
Jeremy is the primary instructor of the basic and fighting fundamentals classes.